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Export of Innovations and Technologies — RMT

??????? RMTRussian Mining Technologies is a company that has a wide network of relations with machine-building and R&D institutions in Russia and abroad. There are famous scientists from different branches of mining science among the company experts. This offers a possibility to implement innovative technologies in mining practice, increasing profitability, efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness of production.
Comprehensive and innovative approach to fields development allows to gain the highest ROI, to implement the whole potential of the field, ensuring conformance to cutting-edge international requirements in the conservation of mineral resources and their rational consumption.
Representing our Innovation Department in Russian Mining Technology (RMT) we promote the best achievements of Russian mining science and practice to the international market. Our area of interest covers countries of Africa, North and South America, Australia and Oceania and Asian region.

Some interesting facts from Russian mining science achievements

Export of Innovations and Technologies — RMT• Doctrine of noosphere was born in Russia
• Georgiy Gamov – Russian scientist, author of the ‘Big Bang’ cosmogonic theory, explaining the Universe evolution
• Famous scientist in geo-mechanics M.M. Protodiakonov. Founder of many scientific schools in geo-mechanics
• The first mechanical shovel in the world was applied for mining operations in Russia
• The first mechanically-driven shearer for coal mining (in 1896, Russian mine)
• 1905 — the first underground mine power-driven haulage — a Russian mine
• The largest in the world contemporary Concentration and Processing Plants are located in Russia — Mikhailovskiy, Lebedinskiy, Mirninskiy, etc.
• A. Nobel invented dynamite when he lived and worked in Russia, 10 years earlier, before Nobel patents, a dynamite prototype was tested in Russia (dynamite of V.F. Petrushesvkiy)
• The northernmost mines in severe climate conditions are located in Russia

Export of Innovations and Technologies — RMT• Russia — is the largest country in the world with borders covering 9 time zones and an immense mineral resources base.
• Russia is one of the two countries that have their own Global Positioning Systems — Glonass. Glonass system is to be widely used in geologic exploration and mineral resources fields development.
• The deepest in the world boreholes are located in Russia — Kolskaya super deep borehole (12 261 km), Sakhalin-1 project borehole (12 345 m)
• Mining enterprises have centuries-long experience of continuous operation. For instance Goroblagodatskiy quarry is being mined for over 300 years
• The state-of-the-art Russian practice allows to gain profitable mine development under unfavourable geological conditions: mining of iron-ore field with iron content 16%, underground mining with water influx up to 500 cub.m. per hour, unique practice of coal field mining with gas content 30 and more cub.m. per hour., etc.
• The best practice of underground coal degassing and hydrogenation with liquid fuel generation

Export of Innovations and Technologies — RMT• The first acts of law in Russia on mineral resources mining trace back to the XIth century
• Russia — being a pioneer in space exploration (the first sputnik, the first man-in-space flight — Yu. Gagarin, the first exit into open space, the first research vehicle in the Venus, the first lunar vehicle, the first Orbital Space Station, etc.) — announced the Moon’s mineral resources exploitation Project starting from 2020.
• Nuclear technologies are applied when mining mineral resources
• RF government top officials have direct relation to mining: V.V. Putin — defended his Candidate thesis in mining; S.M. Mironov — Chairman of the Council of Federation is a mining engineer, a geoscientist; His Holiness Kirill Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia worked in a geological field crew in his youth, etc.
• Holy relics of St. Barbara the Great Martyr who is honoured by miners all over the world are kept in a Russian Orthodox Church temple (Moscow Patriarchate).

If you want to know how to employ the potential of a Russian intellectual thought and mining science — ask us!